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In July 2011, Techalloy was acquired by The Lincoln Electric Company. The addition of Techalloy has expanded the Lincoln Electric portfolio of high alloy, stainless, and nickel welding consumables to service customers in North America and around the world.

We will continue to support all of our customers with the highest levels of customer service and quality. We invite you to visit the Lincoln Electric web site to find information on Techalloy and the full offering of welding consumables, equipment, and automation solutions offered by Lincoln Electric.

With the acquisition, there was overlap with the product offerings, and as such, we have consolidated the stainless product offering, and rebranded all Techalloy stainless to the Lincoln Electric brand and trade names. Techalloy will remain the premium nickel stick electrode and solid wire brand of the Lincoln Electric Company.

For stainless, the following brand transition has occurred:
Techalloy stainless cut length wire is now Lincoln.
Techalloy stainless submerged arc wire is now Lincolnweld.
Techalloy stainless MIG wire has been converted to BlueMax.
Tech-Rod stainless stick electrode has been converted to Excalibur.

Techalloy nickel solid wires and Tech-Rod nickel stick electrodes have retained their names.

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If after visiting our web site you have specific questions about Techalloy or alloy application support, please contact us at 800-638-1458.