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Chemical and Pharmaceutical market

A wide range of service environments are found in the chemical industry ranging from water to strong acids or bases or a multitude of organic compounds at temperatures from ambient to 2300 º F (1260 ºC). Stainless steels are used for a large percentage of these applications. In many inorganic and organic chemical processes nickel alloys are used for the more extreme conditions where general corrosion, pitting or SCC can be present.

Nickel base alloys are often used in high temperature applications above 1000ºF when high temperature strength, creep resistance, and oxidation resistance is needed. Techalloy has a broad line of coated electrodes and solid wires in stainless, duplex, super duplex and nickel alloy grades for the variety of service conditions present in the chemical industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry depends on stainless steel vessels for mixing components and maintaining purity. These stainless vessels are typically made of 316L and are successfully welded with Techalloy 316LHS welding wires. The high silicon content of the weld wire gives the desired smooth flat contour to minimize finish grinding and polishing.