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Paper and Pulp markets

The pulp and paper market relies on stainless steel weld wires and electrodes for the conversion of raw materials into the final products and utilization of the final products. In the conversion process highly corrosive environments, utilizing bleaches and highly caustic solutions, require the use of Techalloy brand stainless welding wires and electrodes to overlay the inner surfaces of digesters to protect against corrosion.

Stainless grades 309L, 312 and duplex stainless grades 2209 in diameters of .035” and .045” on 33 lb. wire basket spools are the most utilized along with 309L-16 and 312-16 large diameter electrodes. Paper printing rolls are often refurbished utilizing 308L and 316L weld wires with a thermal spray, mig or submerged arc welding process.