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Low Alloy

Our low alloy wire offering includes two grades of Chrome Moly (CrMo), 4130 and AK-10. You will find these products identified under:

These low alloy wires are used in complimentary applications with stainless and nickel alloys; often applied in severe conditions where high heat and pressures are present.

Product packaging for the above products are as followed:

Wire Type Name Package
GMAW Techalloy 4130 (1) x 33lb Steel Spool
SuperArc AK-10 (1) x 33lb Steel Spool
GMAW Techalloy 4130 (3) x 10lb tubes in 30lb master carton
Lincoln AK-10 (3) x 10lb tubes in 30lb master carton
SAW Techalloy 4130 (1) x 55lb Coil
Lincolnweld AK-10 (1) x 60lb Coil