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Nickel Alloy

As many of you are aware, Lincoln Electric purchased Techalloy Company, Inc. in July 2011. As of
October 8, 2012 we have incorporated the Techalloy® product line as part of the overall Lincoln Electric portfolio. Techalloy brand coated electrodes will continue to be sold as Lincoln Electric’s premium branded nickel products under the trade name Tech-Rod®. There will be no change made to the product composition and customers will continue to receive the same product that has been produced by Techalloy®.

All authorized Lincoln Electric industrial Distributors will be able to place orders for Techalloy® products through their normal Lincoln Electric order channels.

Price files for your company may be downloaded at Surcharge information for Techalloy products can be found on this site or on the Lincoln Electric website.

Techalloy solid nickel wires for Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG) exhibit an extremely clean surface free of contaminates and are ink jet imprinted with the grade and heat for guaranteed traceability and improved productivity.


Application Techalloy Wire Tech-Rod Electrode
Techalloy 99 Tech-Rod 99
Techalloy 208 Tech-Rod 141
Techalloy 55 Tech-Rod 55
Techalloy 418
Tech-Rod 190
Techalloy 413

Tech-Rod 187

Techalloy 606
Tech-Rod 182
Techalloy 276
Tech-Rod 276
Techalloy 622
Tech-Rod 122
Techalloy 625 Tech-Rod 112
Techalloy X Tech-Rod 112LFe
Tech-Rod Weld A
Techalloy 825
Techalloy 718
Techalloy 617
Tech-Rod 117


Lincoln Electric will offer the same wide variety of nickel grades, product forms and packages for all applications that require high quality nickel welding wire as received from Techalloy.  All the popular grades are still available for purchase. Material certificates of conformance and actual Q2 lot certificates are available on the Lincoln Electric web site under the Support Tab in the Certificate Center.