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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel - Techalloy a Lincoln Electric Company

As many of you are aware, Lincoln Electric purchased Techalloy Company, Inc. in July 2011. As of
October 8, 2012 we have incorporated the Techalloy® product line as part of the overall Lincoln Electric product portfolio. Since our acquisition, we have worked diligently to integrate the Techalloy® product line with the rest of the Lincoln Electric product portfolio.

Changes that were made include:

  • Techalloy® stainless cut length is now Lincoln®

  • Techalloy® stainless submerged arc wire is now Lincolnweld®

  • Techalloy® stainless MIG will be converted to Blue Max®
  • Tech-Rod® stainless stick will be converted to Excalibur®
  • Every Q2 lot of material manufactured will have a unique CMTR (Certified Material Test Report) posted on our website. Certificates will no longer be sent with shipment of product unless specifically requested.
  • Lincolnweld® stainless SAW wires will be manufactured on a 55 lb. (25kg) painted steel coil. This new coil has the same inner diameter as the paper coil and will fit on any industry standard coil adapter.
  • Lincoln® cut lengths now come in 10-lb. plastic tubes, 30lb master cartons, with the alloy type ink jet-printed along the length of the electrode.

All authorized Lincoln Electric Industrial Distributors will be able to place orders for Techalloy® brand products through their normal Lincoln Electric order channels or through our Alloy Sales Office.

View the Techalloy stainless steel products that have been incorporated into the Lincoln Electric portfolio.